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SynerQ is a data driven platform that helps organizations drive engagement, performance, happiness and business success.

Why Employee Engagement is so important?

Source: Harvard Business Review

Our platform helps organizations measure and improve employee engagement

Friendly Surveys

We created SynerQ Quotient, a simple, easy-to-answer survey focused 100% on your employees. They'll love filling it out and will maximize participation.

  • โœ” Take a picture of your engagement quotient
  • โœ” Measure the pulse and start a dialogue with your employees
  • โœ” Comprehensive Survey library

Real-time dashboard

User-friendly and Easy-to-read heatmaps that walk you through the results and point out both strengths and weaknesses.

  • โœ” Uncover your blind spots
  • โœ” Actionable insights
  • โœ” Filters for demographic factors and multiple dimensions

Improvement Strategy

We turn the discoveries into an actionable plan. Our experienced coaches will create an improvement plan based on a comprehensive analysis of your employee feedback.

  • โœ” Align actual culture with desired one
  • โœ” Team Building
  • โœ” Leadership Training

If your team members love their work and the environment, they will treat customers better, innovate and continuously improve your business.

Strong Teams
Inspiring Leaders
Motivational Managers
Clear Communication
Engaged Employees
Client Satisfaction

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